My Favorite Reads: December Edition

433738_large-3I am back again for the last “My Favorite Reads” of 2012. Boy has the year flown by like a pages in a book… get it? I’ve recently started a new book called The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani, set in the hills of Northern Italy. Yes, yes… another book based in Italy. But be happy! This book takes place during the early 1900s and not B.C.

Unfortunately, the list of books I can recommend this month can’t be considered much of a list. There is only one book that I’ve read this month and that would be Elizabeth Elson’s “Theodora of Constantinople“. (Shout out to, Joyce!)

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For someone who loves history, I’ve never really spent much time focusing on any other eras outside of Ancient Rome and World War 2. This book really gave me a glimpse into the Byzantine Empire and the people who helped shape it. Theodora’s life was full of long journeys and heartache, but the way Elizabeth writes, you can’t help but feel like Theodora planned it all herself just to prove a point to all women out there. She wanted us to know that no matter how many times your life path leads you through a dark forest, you’ll eventually get to the meadow.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for another great read. What’s next? Do you take requests for story lines?!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, book lovers!

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  1. Hi Samantha, and thanks for the kind words. So glad you enjoyed Theodora of Constantinople. Some of her contemporaries vilified her, and history was not kind, but I found her fascinating. She ended the Nika riots when the men were ready to flee the city. anyway, glad you liked the book, and I’d love to hear your ideas on story lines!
    Also, I love the title, Shoemaker’s “The Weeping Virgin”. It’s an historical mystery and has gotten really great reviews.
    Have a lovely holiday season, and keep writing.

    1. Hi there! I love your books. You have a way of making the books flow really well and make people wanna finish it ASAP, although I’m sad when they end :/ I’ll definitely add “The Weeping Virgin” to my list. I’ve been running out of good reads and it’s making my palms clammy! haha Happy Holidays to you!

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