What Inspires You?

Disney’s Figment. Photo courtesy of iwriteinbooks.wordpress.com .

Do you ever have this great idea pop into your head at the most random moments like when you’re washing your face, walking the dog or waiting in line to go to the restroom?

Inspiration is hard to pinpoint because it comes from a multitude of experiences, images and places. At least that’s where mine stems from. I’m obviously inspired to write about little snippets of my life because of the experiences that I go through on a daily basis, but others are different. They choose to write about love or history or aliens. And they don’t write just small 350-word blog posts. They write novels, series, anthologies; massive volumes that take time, commitment and imagination.

I’ve always wondered where authors find their inspiration behind the literature they write. And not only the inspiration, but the time and the patience to begin a book and eventually finish it. What happens when “writer’s block” shows up? What happens when life gets in the way? What happens when you find yourself getting bored with your own story (which I’m sure happens to some)?

Hmm. Interesting.

Question of the day: What inspires your creativity?



  1. For me lately, with my blog, it has been driving down an unfamiliar road and seeing a really cool old building… or finding a cool place to take pictures… oh, throw in a few dreams in there… and sometimes it’s just a book.

  2. I’m most inspired by my own human emotion. For me, it’s usually negative emotions like sadness and anger, brought on by jealousy or heartbreak. I write a lot more of that type of poetry, than happy or humorous stuff. I guess the art reflects the artist. When words or creative thoughts come, whether it be in the car or in the shower, I’ve learned to write them down at the first oppurtunity ! I learned my lesson after I spaced a few good ideas, and couldn’t remember something I wrote in my head. I’ll go through periods of inactivity, but then I’ll have a creative burst where I’ll really let fly. I try not to worry too much about ” writer’s block “, and just let things come as they will. Good post, Samantha !

    1. I think that’s what makes people creative, emotion. Without emotion it’s hard to write about emotional situations since you have no experience to back it up. I always keep a sticky pad in my purse in case I have a stroke of genius during the day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Everything inspires me! Just now I was (technically I still am) working at my technical writing job, and I had a major brainwave re: a writing project I’ve been stewing over for several months. Should production engineer safety and compliance regulations inspire a revelation about my supernatural chick lit story? Definitely not. And yet … Life is funny sometimes, isn’t it?

    1. hahah Michelle, thanks so much for sharing. Life definitely works in mysterious ways. I had an “ah-ha” moment the other day while waiting for my lean cuisine to cook in the microwave… Random, but I’ll take it!

      1. Do you watch Big Bang Theory? Sheldon talks about some scientist (possibly Einstein?) who would purposely do mundane tasks in order to stimulate his imagination. I figure that’s what we’re doing — our daily life is just a foil for our creativity. I guess that means I no longer have an excuse not to do the dishes … -_-

      2. I occasionally watch though show, but that makes sense! PS there is always an excuse to not do the dishes haha

  4. This is all so true. I’ve been writing for 45 years and inspiration comes in strange ways, at inconvenient times, and in places that are often bizarre. Then, it goes to sleep for a while. Oh, well. Over time you just get used to this kind of tipsy-turvey. When you graduate to old-geezer status you learn to like it all. Thanks for this nice article.

    1. Thanks so much for your sharing, Michael. I’ve started to recognize my creative days and my boring ones. I prefer the creative haha. Thanks again for stopping by.

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