Oh What a Night!

Luna at 4 months and 7 days.

Luna at 4 months and 7 days.

Have you ever been so tired you just wanted to break down and cry because it seems like when you try to sleep the world yells “WAKE UP!” über loudly in your ear? Well, I had a similar situation last night, but instead of the world yelling at me, I had little Luna crying her eyes out.

At 4 months old, Luna has managed to avoid serious puppy accidents like broken bones or cat claws in the face. However, last night we had our first night of pure puppy sickness. I’m talking both ends of the spectrum…. if you know what I mean. Sounds lovely, right?

It wouldn’t have been so horrible had I not been sick myself. Yes, Luna and I were sick at the very same time. Luckily, mine wasn’t stomach related, however, I did break out in sweats many times and my body aches all over. (I got my flu shot already so I don’t think it’s the flu.)

It’s one thing when your dog gets sick randomly, but it’s another when she gets violently ill right after surgery. FYI, she got spayed on Saturday. So naturally, I worried that she’d heave the stitches out, or have some inner problems due to the spaying. I rushed her to the vet as soon as it opened. By then, she had stopped all the yuckiness, but I was still worried she was dehydrated.

The doctor checked her out and said that she was pretty confident it had nothing to do with her surgery, but probably something she had eaten instead. I knew her refined palette for other animal poo would get her in to trouble one day….

Oh… did I mention she has an ear infection, as well? Right now Luna is in recovery for surgery, has an ear infection, and a stomach bug. This little Corgi has some problems, however you would never know it because she’s still as perky as ever. Especially when we try to stick ear drops in her ear… talk about hyper! Ugh.

I’m pretty sure every teenager needs to have a puppy that isn’t trained and likes to eat other animal poo because I have no doubt that the teenage pregnancy rate would drop due to the amount of work it presents. If puppies are this much to handle, imagine babies!

Oy vay! The adventures of Luna continue…


  1. Our Meril has gone through a few of those “both ends of the spectrum” moments… they lasted several days each time. Not fun and makes me so sad. Have to keep up with the water and the “bland diet” for doggies… although it has been a long time since I’ve had a true puppy… not sure how that changes things. So cute!

  2. Collanne · · Reply

    But the puppy breath and kisses make up for all the mishaps!

    1. Very true! haha she’s still as adorable as ever.

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