Down in the Dumps

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It’s gray and freezing outside today which only puts me in a dim mood. When I’m in these types of moods I start to reflect on everything that frustrates me in life.

* WARNING: Emo Sam has entered the blogosphere*

It’s only January 15th and I already feel like the kitty on the left: overwhelmed. Although we are literally 11 and 1/2 months away until 2014, I know this year is going to fly, which only makes me less patient to get things done.

The more I think about all I want to do and accomplish this year, the more depressed I get. Why? Because at the rate things are going the goals aren’t going to to be met.

“Wow, Sam. Your awfully pessimistic,” you’re probably thinking. I guess you could say that. I’d like to call myself impatient and not pessimistic, although I admit I’m both.

How do you keep yourself from thinking bad thoughts and squashing your own dreams before they even beginning?

PS. Luna lost a tooth today 🙂 Adorbs!


  1. Samantha: I think it’s normal — sorta an after-the-holidays letdown. Nothing wrong with sitting around thinking and drinking tea for a day or two. It’s good for the psyche, and besides, you come back refreshed and rarin’ to go, once the sun comes out. Dreary days are when you should light a lamp and begin reading that book you haven’t had time for. Celebrate those few moments before the starting gate opens and you rush into 2013.

    1. Curling up with a book sounds awesome right about now. Thanks for always giving me good advice!

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