Luna’s Half-Birthday

Today Luna hit the sixth month mark! Actually, we aren’t sure the exact date of her birthday so we are guesstimating it was about sixth months ago today that she entered this world. And thank God she did because she’s brought such joy….. and pain… to my life and hands and feet and toes and legs.

I’ve watched her grow from a 7 pound puppy to a 15+ pound bumbling sausage roll. She just gets cuter every day.

luna 2 months & 6 months

Luna at 2 months & 6 months

Luna has actually calmed down too. She is still a very energetic dog, however, at night she is starting to go to sleep instead of attack me. It’s a paw in the right direction.

She’s knows how to sit, come, and fetch the ball. We are still learning how to drop the ball after retrieving it, but we’ll get there. So do me a favor and wish Little Loony a happy half -birthday!



  1. Ohhhh she is a cutie!! You have lots of excitement ahead! (By the way… I just realized that somehow I stopped getting e-mail notification of your new posts a looooooooooong time ago. 🙂 So… I’ve fixed that I think… and I probably have a lot to catch up on). 🙂

    1. Good thing you fixed it! Haha thanks for reading 🙂

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