Vote For Luna!


Luna for “The Pet to Know”.

Hello one and all. A few weeks ago I entered precious Luna dear in the “Pet To Know” photo contest. The winner of the contest receives $500 worth of pet products from The Posh Puppy Boutique. Needless to say, we want to win!

And we don’t just want to win in order to buy a closet full of doggie clothes for her. Luna travels in the car a lot. There is a dog car seat I want to purchase for her, however, it’s pretty expensive. This prize would help us make sure Luna is safe while traveling in the car! So, you’re basically voting for Luna’s safety. Think about that….

I forgive each and every one of you for not ‘liking’ a page or visiting a website I’ve asked you to visit in prior posts. But, this I will not forgive. (JK)

Please take two minutes out of your busy schedule to click here and vote for Little Luna Lighty, #16! If she wins this round, she’ll be in the finals!!!!


Samantha, BF, and Luna



  1. I love Luna. She’s a doll. I voted, too. But a carseat? My boxer girl would fall down laughing should I propose so humiliating a thing.

    1. It isn’t technically a car seat like the ones for children. It’s rather a basket with a harness that attaches to the back of the headrest. Haha although she’d probably look adorable in a car seat, however I’m not that mean! Thanks for voting!!!

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