DIM= Do it Myself

I realize it’s been way to long since I’ve written a post. A mixture of work, laziness, and unfortunate life events have all contributed to my recent lack of writing for Green Eggs and Sam. However, this morning, as I lay in my PJs on the couch nurturing a sore throat and tummy ache, I decided now is as good a time as any to list out some of the DIY projects I’ve wanted to try for my upcoming move. (Keyword: want. Whether it actually will happen is yet to be determined.)

I’m moving to a new apartment in April and really want to try my best to capture a “vintage shabby chic” theme. What the heck is “vintage shabby chic?”


Photo courtesy of anthropolgie.com

Photo courtesy of anthropolgie.com

Or this…

Photo courtesy of IHeartShabbyChic.com

Photo courtesy of IHeartShabbyChic.com

To be quite honest, I’m not a professional designer, and my knowledge of design stems from watching a few hours of  HGTV a week. Whether these photos are actually vintage shabby chic or not is beside the point. It’s the vision in my head and that’s what I’m calling it.

Because of spacing, budget issues, and my inability to make big decisions, I’m banking on my apartment not looking as cool as the photos I’m finding, however, I’m gonna do my best. Here are a list of projects I’m hoping to do to make my apartment a “home”.

  • Chalkboard jars.
  • Teacup candles. I love candles and these look easy enough.
  • Faux milk glasses. These would look adorable on a side table or kitchen table. Add some bright flowers for a little ‘pop’.
  • Wallpapered bookcase. I feel like this wouldn’t be too complicated and it’d bring a vintage flair to some regular furniture.

Notice how these projects require minimal assembly. That’s how I roll. And if I get too lazy or frustrated, I’ll just buy it.



  1. Will Luna get her own room? Maybe a Shabby Chic doggy bed?

    1. Yes. Haha I just need to teach her that she shouldn’t eat what she sleeps on!

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