Moving Out, Moving On

Boxes, boxes everywhere. (Excuse the picture quality.)

Boxes, boxes everywhere. (Excuse the picture quality.)

This past week has been a whirlwind. Last Saturday I moved out of my parents house. It was a mixture of emotions, however. A combination of ‘finally, *sigh*’ and ‘Mommy!’.

I’ve wanted to move out for a while since the thrill of living on my own while in college still lingered. I’m excited, yet scared. Determined, yet dependent. I don’t know whether those are good things or bad things, but I figure ‘normal’ would be a good way to describe it.

With a budding business and lack of decent, steady funding, some may question my sense to move out now. Trust me, there are days when I do. Of course, I’m my own worst enemy, so every time thoughts like that creep into my head, I start to panic. I would continue on the route of explaining my ridiculous anxiety, but I figure that’s for another time.

Back to my story…

I’m constantly looking for freelance jobs on the Internet, or things in my closet I can resell for a little extra cash. I’ve thought about writing a children’s book about the adventures of Luna, but when I sit down to start writing, my thoughts are elsewhere. “Who would buy it?” “How do I write down to a young age group?” “I can’t draw and this book would definitely need illustrations…”

Excuses, excuses.

So, I moved out and Little Luna and I are still getting adjusted to our new place. Her more so than me. Have I mention Luna has chewed on every box I’ve had in this place, along with chairs, couches, and dirty socks?

Luna amongst the paper! She 'helped' me unpack...

Luna among the paper! She ‘helped’ me unpack…

I’ve had to stick her in my kitchen on several occasions to get any work done! Another reason I think every teenage couple should own a puppy before deciding if they want to have sex….

Puppies, the ultimate birth control.

Wish me luck on my new adventure!

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  1. Oh it’ll be great! I’m excited for you and Luna!

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