Fried Cat Tail

Gino post experience. Isn't he cute?!

Gino post experience.

The second I heard this story I knew I had to put this in the blog. It was just that priceless, and although it did not happen to me, it is still worthy of recognition.

Sit down. You’ll probably need to…

Yesterday morning I received a phone call from Twin Sis. Kind of odd since she hardly calls me in the morning unless its to tell me I need to do something… (JK). But, it was strange.

*Twin Sis: Hey.

Me: Hi. What’s Up?

Twin Sis: I have to tell you something that happened last night. Are you sitting down?

Me: Oh shiz what happened… OK. What’s wrong?

Twin Sis: Are you sitting down?

Me: Yes. What’s wrong? Is it bad?

Twin Sis: Yes, but you just kind of have to laugh about it.

Me: What the heck does that mean? What happened?!

Twin Sis: Well, last night Jacob** came over, and before he got there I had lit a candle because I had made a Lean Cuisine for dinner and didn’t want my place smelling like a Lean Cuisine.

Me: Oh, God!

Twin Sis: What?!

Me: I know where this is going…

Twin Sis: Just listen. When he got to the gate he used the code so that it called my cell phone to let him in. When I let him in the phone call dropped so I called him back. We were being dorks and joking around about how cool it was that the gate code worked.

Me: Mhm, Mhm…..

Twin Sis: Well, suddenly I looked over and….. she begins hysterically laughing… noticed that … more hysterical laugher…Gino’s (her cat) tail was on FIRE!!!!!

Me: What?!

Twin Sis: His tail was on FIRE! It wasn’t just the tip of his tail either, it had traveled about halfway up his tail by now. So I jumped up and started panicking.

Me: Oh my God, Twin Sis… I thought you were going to say you caught your curtains on fire! (It sounds like I didn’t care about the cat, but we would have had a bigger problem on our hands if the apartment caught fire.)

Twin Sis: Well, I was afraid his tail was going to catch them on fire! So I try swatting at his tail with my hand.

*PAUSE* Can we just take a second to picture what Twin Sis looked like trying to swat out a fire on her cat’s tail? Priceless! *RESUME*

Twin Sis: He ended up beating his tail up against something and put it out.

Me: Well, thank God! Did it smell like burnt hair?

Twin Sis: He smelled really bad. Jacob and I gave him a bath because he smelled so bad and we felt awful because he was meowing.

Me: That’s insane. That’s hilarious, but sad. I’m glad he wasn’t hurt. I’m also glad you didn’t burn your apartment down. I guess that’s why they make you buy renter’s insurance.

Twin Sis: Ya! It was quite a night last night…

Audience, the moral of this story is to keep an eye on open flames, especially when you have animals! You never know when they’ll suddenly catch fire!

What a great way to start my day. Hope it made you smile like it made me smile!

Happy Saturday 🙂

*Actual dialogue adjusted for blog purposes.

**Name changed for privacy purposes.


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Haha that story is hilarious!

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