A Remedy for Anxiety

Lavender flower. Photo courtesy of everything-lavendar.com.

Lavender flower. Photo courtesy of everything-lavendar.com.

If you’ve been following along with Green Eggs and Sam, you know that I’m a pretty anxious person. Not by choice. I blame society! (Don’t we all?)

Recently I was given an herbal remedy by my family’s long-time housekeeper. She is well-versed in homeopathic remedy’s and using natural ingredients to heal aches, pains, and illnesses. It really is neat if you ask me. Which you didn’t, but I’m gonna tell you anyway.She is also a midwife to mothers looking to go au naturale for the birthing process. (NO THANK YOU!)

Since I got back from college, every Friday her and I would sit and have a brief little talk about what’s been going on in our lives, what books we’ve read, what shows we’ve watched. She’s definitely become a friend. When I began telling her how nervous and anxious I get in situations she recommended I try one of the Bach remedies she makes.

At first I was skeptical. It’s hard to think that herbs and flowers could really make a medical or psychological difference in someone’s life. However, I was tired of feeling like that and figured it was worth a shot.

I began taking it a week ago and I am pleasantly surprised with the results. I can honestly say that I haven’t freaked out about anything in one week! And when I say freaked out I mean obsessing over an issue to the point of giving myself a stomach ache. When I start to get nervous, something in my head tells me ‘Sam, it’s going to be fine. Just calm down.”

Some might say, “that’s not the remedy, that’s just positive thinking!” Regardless of whether it’s the remedy or not, something is working. And it all started after I began taking it.

Here’s what I do. Each morning, noon, afternoon, and night I place 4 drops of the remedy on my tongue. It takes like a muted flowers. Not bad, but I can see how some people have to mix it with something.

But it’s that simple.

Here is what’s in it and what each ingredient is for.

  • Larch- expressing one’s self; self-confidence
  • Mimulus- nervousness or anxiety due to a specific fear
  • Olive-mental tension/fatigue
  • Red Chestnut- overly worried about what might happen to others
  • Lavendar- soothes nerves and anxiety

So pretty much everything that ails me should be fixed by these five ingredients.

If you’re interested in more information about the Bach remedies or how to get one of your own, email me! I’ll be more to help.


  1. Very cool to hear! Do aroma therapies (such as lavender) do the same thing?

  2. Samantha: This intrigues me. Lavender is frequently mentioned in my books, but mostly because of its reputation (the soothing fragrance). Hey, midwives are closer to nature than a clinician or doctor in a white coat. I’d want to read the side effects, like how each herb in the concoction effected BP, heart rate, etc., but it sure sounds like a good mix to me.

    1. I love Lavender, but have never taken it orally before. I’m not sure about the side effects. I wasn’t too worried about any since I am not allergic to anything. I figured since they are all natural ingredients, allergies might be the only major concern. I can find out more for you if you’d like. As far as midwives go, I think it sounds like a great experience to be one.

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