Preaching Door to Door

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Yesterday afternoon, something strange happened. I had just gotten out of the shower after a few hours of laying out in the sun and was settling down for a relaxing Sunday evening when I heard a knock at the door.

It wasn’t just any kind of knock, though. It was a rhythmic knock as if the person on the other side was familiar with me. A friendly knock, you could say. I figured it was BF coming over to hang out because he was bored.

I checked the peephole since I wasn’t expecting anyone. I noticed that the man at the door was not BF, but a young gentleman in business clothes.

Uh….. I’m not going to open the door.

I try to be quite so that he thinks no one is home, but Luna ruined that for me. She decided to greet the man through the door by barking at the top of her lungs.

They knock again. Thanks, Luna, for totally blowing our cover.

I pick Luna up and put her on my hip like a mother does with a small child. (She sort of is my child.)

I barely, I mean BARELY, open the door so that only a sliver of my eye could be seen.

When I opened the door I then realized that it wasn’t just one man, but three young boys around my age all looking dapper in slacks and ties.

Picture this…

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…but not nearly as good looking.

This was weird for two reasons. 1) Solicitors are forbidden on my apartment complex property. These men looked like they were about to pitch me something so I knew they didn’t live here.  2) There were three of them all around 6 ft tall. Enough said.

I started feeling a little uncomfortable having three men at my door so I quickly told them I was busy and didn’t have time to talk.

After I told them I was busy through the slit of space I had created with the door, they asked if they could leave me with a card. I asked what the card was and they proceeded to tell me that I can follow the website at the bottom of the card to learn how to find Jesus Christ.

“Thanks! Have a great day!,”I responded as I took the card and slithered back inside my house.

As I was turning the dead bolt on my door I realized that ‘bible thumpers’ had just attempted to preach to me about finding God.

I’ve often heard stories about people who go door to door asking if they could come in to teach others about how they could and should find God, but I’ve never actually experienced it myself before yesterday! What was crazy was that I always thought nuns did it. Nope! These were young, decent-looking men who wanted to tell me how to save myself from the fire-y depths of hell.

It was a bizarre 2 minutes of my life…

Has anyone else had a similar experience before? Leave a comment because I wanna hear about it.


  1. I’ve had multiple experiences with door-to-door evangelism (by multiple, I mean about 3 – all very uncomfortable). The first time, I made the blind mistake of making conversation with the man to see what he wanted. Not until after the situation did I realize that I had become a subject of D2DE. He had actually started the conversation by asking if my father was home because he had visited the previous week and weaseled his way into my father’s attention. Anyways, we ended up having a nice conversation about religion and philosophy. I explained that I attended Catholic schools during my entire educational career but do not practice the religion anymore. I explained that I don’t really find the need for religion’s benefits in my life, he left a book, a pamphlet, and a card. He returned the following week while my father and I discretely remained inside leaving the door unanswered.

  2. If someone (regardless of what religion) thinks they’re right and their religious texts said you were going to hell if you didn’t follow that religion ( nearly all religious texts say this) how much would you have to hate someone to not share the key to heaven with them?

  3. The same cute Mormon boys come down our street on bikes quite often. Annoying, but at least they’re cute. They can hit lots of homes easily on our street full of town homes. I never answer the door whether my son barks or not. 🙂

    On a related note, growing up I had a grandmother and cousins who as Jehova’s Witnesses went door to door often, and a few times even ours (very awkward since at the time my family was Baptist… and don’t get me started on THAT mess either. Ha!)

    1. Note to self. Don’t answer the door next time. I’m Catholic and really don’t have a problem listening to other people’s religious opinions since I’m often changing mine haha but I’m not a fan of those telling me I’m gonna die and go to hell just because I don’t practice their religion. But, they were very nice and respected my space which I found nice.

  4. I’m amazed that this is your first encounter with “Jesus Freaks.” As for solicitors not being allowed in your complex, I bet these guys felt they were exempt since they were simply trying to recruit you to the “heavenly side.” I can pretty much guarantee that most of your blog readers have experienced similar experiences. I know I have. Many times.

    1. Well, I’ve lived in a gated community my whole life so they could never get in. Now, although the complex is gated, people can figure out how to get in. I have no problem with them preaching whatever they have to preach because I respect other people’s religious decisions and beliefs, however I don’t appreciate it at my home. I felt a little intimidated regardless of whether they were there ‘in Jesus’ name’ or not. Thanks so much for commenting! Glad you stopped by 🙂

      1. sandi - JESUS freak and Bible Thumper. · ·

        First of all, Jehovah’s witnesses don’t believe in being tormented in a fiery ‘hell’. Secondly, they’re doing the same thing Jesus did and commanded them to do. Third, soliciting involves money, and they go out on their own dime, to try to help others understand why things are so bad and give them hope for the Bible’s explanation of something better. They are not selling, but volunteering their time to help others. Lastly, ask around to someone who KNOWS them, not the GP who think they know and have no idea. You’ll find they are of the very few (if any) religious organizations who have disciples of Jesus that really live what they believe. And they are not wishy-washy regarding their beliefs as shown by your ‘catholic’ commenter Go to if you really want to know. 235+ countries, and they ALL believe the same. You may want to ask your commenters if they know the answer to mankind’s hatreds, prejudices, violence and crime. If you ask one of US, we can show you from the Bible what God’s answer is.

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