No Propane. No Problem.


My new baby.

About a week ago, BF and I decided to bust out our inner “grill master” and make some kabobs. Since neither one of us likes to spend much time preparing and/or cooking, we bought the prepackaged chicken & veggie and steak & veggie kabobs from H.E.B.

We planned on using the grill out by our complex’s pool since we didn’t own one of our own. With our kabobs, tongs, and beer in hand, we made our way to the grill.

“This is gonna be fun,” we said to each other. “These kabobs look really good!”

BF begins preparing the grill, however, he didn’t get far before we realized the grill was out of propane. Damn. There goes our dinner plans…

The complex does have charcoal grills throughout the property, but after reminding BF that they had no covers and most likely birds had pooped on them along with other gross nature-like things, we decided not to use those.

We had already bought our food and really didn’t want to have to spend more money on something else. We had to think quick.

After a few ideas, we decided we should just buy our own! Yep. That seemed like the most logical thing to do….

Ironically, I ended up spending well over $100 for the grill, charcoal ,and supplies. However, I justified it with knowing that we’ll be eating off a clean, bird poop-free grill. Plus, we can use it any time we wanted!

By this time it was around 6:45 p.m. and we were getting hungry. BF still had to put together the grill, though. Luckily it didn’t take long.

John assembling my new grill!

John assembling my new grill!

Due to a couple of grilling mishaps and timing issues, we ended up eating around 8:00 p.m.

Take a look at our completed projected!


Our yummy meal.

Not too bad, right? All in an evening’s work…

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  1. Awwwe. Cute.

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