Home At Last: Luna Is Back From Camp

Luna rockin’ ‘place’.

After two whole years, I mean weeks (it seemed like years) without my Luna, she is finally home! Yesterday the trainer delivered her to my house, safe and sound.

I was worried Luna would be mad at us for leaving her with a stranger for two weeks, or forgetful of BF and I, but when she saw me around the corner her little butt (since she has no tail) started wagging so hard, her ears went back and she jumped up and gave me kisses! I don’t think she’s ever been that excited to see me before. It melted my little heart.

For about 30 minutes the trainer and I sat down and discussed the workings of her ‘training‘ collar, how Luna behaved, and what we needed to work on some more.  Then, she brought me outside to show what she had taught Luna and to let me practice with her. At first Luna wouldn’t leave my side, which made me smile inside. I think she just wanted to make sure I didn’t leave her again. How cute!

Eventually, Luna began to cooperate and performed what she had learned – ‘come’ ‘sit’ ‘place’ – and other things. We still have work to do with her so that she knows that the commands that John and I give apply to our apartments and wherever we go, but she’s doing great so far.

Luna missed John so much she ran straight into his lap!

Luna missed John so much she ran straight into his lap!

The trainer told us that we should keep the collar on her for 3 months. It’s a long time, but I have a feeling Luna is going to be off it sooner because she’s a fast learner.

She’s still her hyper, stubborn self, though. That will never change.

P.S. Have you visited our Facebook page? I’ve created Corgi ComPawdres, a Corgi Community group for Corgi lovers and Corgi owners, alike. Feel free to share your Corgi photos, links, and news on the wall. All Corgi info is welcome.



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Glad it went well! Remember Corgis are unique!

  2. Yaaaaaay this makes me so happy!!! And you definitely get major props for making it through it yourself! 🙂

    1. Woo! I bought her a jersey for upcoming football season as her reward for making it through camp unscathed and obedient! Proud mom right here.

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