Where Did You Go, My Lovely?

To say I’ve slacked on writing would be the understatement of the season. It’s been over a month since my last post! What is wrong with me? This morning I’ve made a commitment to end the silence! I’ve got my coffee, my E! News, and my cozy pink blanket. I’m ready to transcribe…

Why have I been M.I.A for over a month? Well, I’ll tell you. 1) Work. Having to think of blog post ideas for clients often zonks me of any creativity after all their items have been taken care of. 2) Nothing too exciting has happened in my life that’s worth sharing.

Reason 2 is probably a good thing. Exciting news can come in good or bad form. After this summer brought a lot of bad news, I often welcome the monotony of the past month.

On another note. Luna and I… Okay… I have decided to share my obsession of taking photos of her to the Facebook world. I’ve created a page for Corgi lovers out there to share doggy tips, stories, and photos of their little nubs. Feel free to stop by and ‘like’. I post new photos of Luna almost daily.

On one more note… I’m thinking of switching up the look of my blog. Any color suggestions, theme templates, or other ideas you might have? I want to hear!


One comment

  1. Welcome. I’m seriously considering self-hosting after the Halloween season. Not sure if I’m smart enough to do that or not. I’ll be excited but nervous. Anyway… Welcome back!

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