Ballet San Antonio: Cinderella

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When my sisters and I were younger our parents would take us almost every year to see The Nutcraker Ballet. I loved getting dressed up in pretty holiday dresses and going to the theater. I remember watching the beautiful girls spin around and around in gorgeous tu tus and the men leaping in the air across the stage. It was a sight. 

I hadn’t been to the ballet in quite some time until last night. My clients invited me to attend Ballet San Antonio‘s production of Cinderella. They are big supporters of the San Antonio dance scene, and I felt so special that they invited me to attend.

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella thanks to Walt Disney, but not all have seen it in ballet form. The ballet was beautiful. Held in the spacious Lila Cockrell Theatre in downtown San Antonio, when the curtains rose the audience was immediately transported into Cinderella’s world. I loved all the costumes and set design.

The ballerinas and ballerinos (the Italian word for male ballerinas) danced beautifully, especially the two who played Cinderella and The Fairy Godmother. My tiptoes ached just watching them in those point shoes! Ouch :P.

Not only was Cinderella a wonderful production, but the overall ballet experience was enjoyable, as well. San Antonio has never been known as a city that embraces the classical arts. Over the past few years, though, city leaders and artists have tried hard to change that image. Although the theatre last night could hardly be called full, many people did come to support the performers. It was nice to see.

Our city needs something other than just Mexican food and Spanish history. It needs ballets, concerts, plays. Spread a little arts into your daily life! It does the soul good.

Have you been to the ballet recently? What’s your favorite ballet?


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