A Coffee Cup and Blogger Meet-Up

Good Morning fans. I just counted and it’s been almost 6 months since I sat down to post. Geez, Louise (that’s my middle name…)! Let me tell you why I decided to finally sit and write again this morning. 

Yesterday I attended my first “Blogger Meet-Up”. My new friend and fellow blogger over at Life of a Frye: Navigating Through Life, One Pin At A Time invited me to join her after we met at a social media seminar last week. Both realizing we were a part of the same group and both too nervous to go by ourselves,  we decided to attend together, and I think we’re both happy we did.

We met some wonderful blogger ladies and were finally able to put faces to the blogs we’ve read and interacted with. Plus, we got to try a new coffee spot we’ve both been hearing about for months: Local Coffee San Antonio. It’s a wonderful, relaxing coffee shop with indoor and outdoor seating.

I ordered a vanilla latte. (That Foodie Girl, I feel like you’d enjoy/ appreciate this!)

Latte from Local Coffee San Antonio.

Latte from Local Coffee San Antonio.

The weather was beautiful yesterday so it was only natural we headed outside to drink our delicious lattes.

After I was asked several times what my blog was, and having to answer “Green Eggs and Sam, but I haven’t updated in a long time,” I realized I really do need to start blogging again. I became embarrassed saying that I was a “blogger” who wasn’t really blogging. An impostor I was! An impostor no longer I shall be.

Like I’ve mentioned in past posts, I use blogging as a form of therapy. It helps me clear my head of random thoughts. I’m going to need some therapy after this past week…

Some unexpected life blocks decided to join me causing me to stop and reconsider a big part of my current lifestyle. I’ve got some big decisions to make all while feeling rather down in the dumps. I’m pretty sure you’re not suppose to make big life decisions when you are emotional, however, I don’t think my emotions will be changing back much in this circumstance.

Ugh. Life. Sometimes it’s just not as fun.


  1. A meet up! A fabulous idea! And ya know, I sometimes have issues still referring to myself as a “paranormal investigator”, since outside of my occasional research at home, I’ve had one real investigation in the last year. Ugh!

    And I’m really sorry you’re in the dumps. I think these times are probably necessary for people to get back on track or on the right plan. Easier said than done, but when I feel like I’m experiencing the same dumps, I try to take it as an opportunity to keep my eyes open and get excited for changes in the future! 🙂

    Sending good vibes! Nice to have you back!

    1. Thanks, Patrick! Long time no talk. I hope all is well.

  2. Louise DeKan · · Reply

    It’s about time!

  3. Hi Samantha: I missed reading your blogs, which were always interesting. Even this, it prompts me to look up vanilla latte to see what goes into one besides milk and vanilla and coffee. Nope, no decisions while you’re down. Maybe you’re down because of a decision? That doesn’t make it wrong.

    1. Joyce! Great to hear from you again. I think it’s a combination of both. The fact that I do have to make a decision makes me upset. :/ So glad you commented! Thanks for reading 🙂

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