Coyote Call

A coyote! Oh geez….

I take Luna on walks almost every morning as a part of our daily routine. It keeps me active while keeping Luna occupied (an hourly task in itself). This morning I headed out with Luna to the little neighborhood down the street where we like to walk. In this neighborhood there is a small park with a nature trail that the Home Owner’s Association built for the families.

Curious as to where the trail led, Luna and I decided to venture down. Like most nature trails in Texas, the scenery was full of cacti, dead bushes and rocks. I also noticed these big piles of sticks and rocks which looked man-made, but I couldn’t be quite sure. They almost reminded me of Beaver lodges.

As we continued our walk, I started to get this uneasy feeling. Then, I heard something that sounded like a dog crying. I kept walking a little farther and heard the sound again. After first I thought it might be a dog in trouble, but then I remembered coyotes live in the area, and that big pile of rocks and sticks might have been their home.

I yelled a big ‘Hell to the NO’ and turned Luna and I turned around as fast as I could. We walked (calmly) back to the entrance just in case there were any big animals watching us…which I certainly felt there were. To be honest we weren’t very far from the beginning of the trail, but I couldn’t get there fast enough when I realized what could have been close by.

Being the curious person that I am, I googled coyote calls the second Luna and I were ‘safe’. This is what I found and this is what I heard.  (The sound was similar to Coyote Pup or Coyote 2.) I also read that January to March is coyote mating season.

The more I read about it, the more uncomfortable I got about everything. Apparently, coyotes are very curious animals and like to watch dog walkers from a distance, mainly because they recognize that dogs look like them. There have been some instances of coyotes actually attempting to play with dogs! I’m pretty sure Luna would have gone all bat-poo cray cray on it if one ever tried to do that to her when I was around.

Moral of the story: don’t walk your dog on nature trails unless you’re fully aware of what type of ‘nature’ might be lurking among the dead foliage.

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself and your dog if you do ever come across a coyote in the wild.


  1. Louise DeKan · · Reply

    Interesting and scary at the same time. Love your blog

  2. I’m the fat girl that dies first in the movie because I insisted on getting pictures.

    1. Omg hahaha That’s too funny. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi Samantha: Wow, interesting post. I listened to the recordings. Sorta hair-raising arent they? This reminded me of a time back in late nineties, when I was writing my first book, a non-fictional regional book about Florida. I was researching an old Indian Mound spot by a lake. It was a warm summer month, so I wore shorts and sneakers. I followed a concrete path that went down to the mound. Both sides of the path were weedy but the path was clear and I had my mind on taking some good pictures and getting a feel for the place. I was about halfway down when I heard a rattling close by. It didn’t occur to me right away, but after a few steps I realized I’d come close to a rattlesnake and could have gotten a bite on my bare ankles. I kept going, but of course when I was finished looking around the mound, I had to get back up to the car and there was only one way. So I gathered my courage and walked back up, singing and making noises to hopefully frighten the rattler away or at least give it a chance to slither away. I know my heart was doing a fast-dance, but I got to the car okay. So I know exactly how you felt when heading out from the trail. Geez, what an adventure!

    1. I feel like my mind goes to “Worst case scenario” mode. I immediately tried to figure out what I’d do about Luna. Do I let her attempt to defend me? Do I big her up and start screaming to scary the coyote? No way was I going to leave her, but if a coyote came after me, I’d have to do something! We have a ton of rattle snakes in/around San Antonio. They even teach classes for pets training them how to react to snakes if they come across them so that they won’t get bit. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sounds familiar. Was that neighborhood Rogers Ranch, where I live? We have a lot of coyotes.

    1. Off of Vance Jackson near De Zavala. There’s a working quarry behind the neighborhood and a lot of the area in between is undeveloped. My bf spotted a pack running through near the back of our complex one night.

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