Corgi Fest 2014

Last year I attended my first Corgi event – “Pawdi Gras 2013“. This year, Bluebonnet Bunk’n Biscuit hosted another all-Corgi gathering this past weekend and you know I had to go.

Let me just say I had prepared for this event for a month so when Saturday rolled around, I had my “game gear” on.

Exhibit A:

Corgi Fest outfit.

Cogri necklace, shirt, and real-life Corgi.

When we first got there around 11:30, few had showed up, however, by the time we had left I’d say more than 30 Corgis were present! I was in ‘dog’ heaven. I was so excited to meet a fellow ComPawdre, too.  (For those of you who have yet to check out my Corgi ComPawdres Facebook page, feel free to head on over there now, but don’t forget to come back and finish reading.)

She brought her cute little 6-month old Corgi named Talley to meet the other pups in the area. Luna and her became fast friends.

Tally and Luna. True ComPawdres.

Talley and Luna. True ComPawdres.

Luna also met an adorable Corgi mixed named Maggie whose tail didn’t stop wagging from the time she got there until the time she left. She was too cute to handle!


Maggie the happy half-Corgi.


Luna and Maggie’s first ‘hello’.

Here are a few more photos of the event event!


There was a Corgi adoption put on by the non-profit organization, Corgis and Critters.


Aren’t these pups beautiful?


“Mom, this is great! They all look like me.”

Luna, Boyfriend and I had a great time at the event. We can’t wait until next year’s meet-up.


Luna smiling all the way home!

P.S. Wondering where I got my awesome Corgi shirt? Wonder no more. Click here to shop! 



  1. Hi: Because I’m tryly, truly a dog person, I loved this post. Now I’m going to google Corgi to read about them–their temperament and all. A corgi may be my next dog!

    1. Thanks! If you need anymore Corgi info, let me know! I love these little butterballs much.

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