The Sound of Silence

Luna is a hyper dog. Everyone should be fully aware of this by now. She’s got more energy than the Energizer Bunny.

I’m working today on my bed when Luna sees this dog pass by outside. She proceeds to leap off the bed and tries to jump on the 2-in x 2-in window sill. She failed and ended up running into the window, kind of like birds do. When she bounced off and continued to bark, an idea struck me! (Funny how that worked…)

What calms dogs down? MUSIC! I then took to the trusted inter-web. In other words, I Googled it.

Turns out that dogs respond to certain types of music that have a variety of different tones and frequencies. A recent study revealed that dogs like specific types of classical music. It helps them relax, whereas, pop and talk radio they can do without.

I played the video below for Luna shortly after her attempt to fly and she was snoring within minutes. In fact, she still is!

Take a listen:

*WARNING: It makes humans tired, too.*


  1. Shut up! Really? Just tried it on Meril… but he was already snoozing when I started it. 😉

    1. Yes! It worked. I tried it on Luna yesterday, though, and I had it on loop and she wasn’t into it. I think it might depend on the time of day? I dunno…. I’m gonna give it one more shot. My friend did it to her dogs after I told her about it and she said they fell asleep within minutes.

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