Saturday Morning at the Market

This past Saturday morning I went to the Pearl Brewery’s weekly Farmers Market with my mom, Nana, aunt, and family friend. When my mom asked me to go with them I said ‘yes’ immediately since I’ve wanted to visit for quite some time.

Since the Market opens around 9 a.m., we headed down at 8;30 a.m. to grab some coffee at one of my new favorite coffee shops, Local Coffee.

Coffee in hand, we browsed the booths down the main street of the Pearl Brewery. They had everything from soaps to vegetables to breakfast tacos available for purchase. I was pretty embarrassed at how fresh the produce looked. I love that aspect of shopping at farmers markets — you know that your purchase are fresh from the farm.

I ended up only purchasing this absolutely gorgeous bouquet of larkspur flowers. I couldn’t help but be attracted to the vibrant lavender and pink colors. I was so excited to put them in my home. It just screams ‘springtime’, and lately I’ve needed a little in my life.


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Have you ever been to a farmers market? What’s your favorite part about them?


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