Die Another Day: The Luna Chronicles

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, Luna gave me quite the scare on my birthday. I’m not talking about a surprise gift, but rather a surprise TRIP… to the vet’s office.

For the past few days Luna has had bad bathroom issues. She also vommed up twice while I was out of the house one afternoon. Sounds lovely, right?

I took Luna for our morning walk yesterday and everything was all fine and dandy until we walked through our typical grassy patch. Luna was sniffing around looking for a spot to mark when I noticed a stick right next to her. Then, something else caught my eye. It was colorful, it was long, it was a flippin’ SNAKE! The devil itself was lying inches away from my sweet baby girl and me.

I jumped, back my natural reaction to anything creepy, crawly, or slithery. Unfortunately, my jump caused Luna to jump practically on top of the snake. To my horror the snake struck at Luna then slithered away under her legs. OH MY GOD. I’ve killed my dog.

I immediately swung Luna upside down in my arms to check for bite marks on her side and stomach. I couldn’t see anything, but that didn’t make me feel any better since she has pretty thick fur. I put her back down and double checked to see if the snake was still around. Then, I realized I didn’t get that great of a look at it, and if she did get bit, I need to be able to identify what type of snake bit her.

I cautiously proceeded to look around, but realized the snake was long gone. It was rather small and I’m pretty sure it was a harmless garter snake. I did see black/brown and yellow. According to the poem, I think we’re in the clear. Luna seemed to be acting normal. She wasn’t scratching or licking any areas. In fact, I’m pretty sure Luna had absolutely no clue what just happened.

We continued on our merry ways, safe from harm, when Luna decided she needed to go to the bathroom (#2) again. Graphic: Luna squats to go and begins to strain like she has been recently. I went to go check everything out after she went to make sure it was a normal ‘go’ when to my horror I thought I saw blood dropplets in her ‘go’. OH DEAR GOD.

I immediately speed walk back to the house all the while trying to hold Luna’s leash in one hand and the phone to call BF in the other. Of course, he doesn’t answer his phone so I skip telling him and call the vet. They tell me I need to bring her in immediately and they’ll work her in to the schedule.

I’m clearly worried at this point. I rush over to the vet only to be told the doctors are in a meeting and I’ll have to wait for god knows how long.

Long story (somewhat) short, I ended up having to leave with Luna because I was going to be late for an appointment and couldn’t wait any longer to see the doctor. Now before you chastise me for leaving before the vet checked her out, I realized what I had seen my actually have been a reddish leaf by her poo. In other words, I’m pretty sure I panicked for no reason.

So far, I have Luna on gastrointestinal food to help settle her system. She scarfs the food down like it’s her last meal on earth. Things seem to be getting back to normal (digestive-ly) for her and no signs of blood which is great news! Oh, and no bite marks either.

What an exciting birthday morning!


  1. I hope your baby gets better! I dragged home a cat that my husband inadvertently fell in LOVE with and 3 days later had to shell out $2000 for exploratory surgery because the cat was DYING. She is right as rain now……Whoopie hahaha!

    1. On my goodness! Glad to hear she is doing better & thanks for helping the sweet kitty.

  2. Poor Luna! Glad she’s getting better.

  3. Ah…we’ve all panicked before over something that turned out to be nothing! Glad she’s okay!

    1. Thanks so much. I think the vet office thinks I’m a hypochondriac when it comes to Luna. I bring her in whenever I see something off. My BF tells me I need to calm down hahah Thanks for reading.

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