Saturday Savings: Gap 40% Off

I use to shop at the GAP a lot when I was in high school. The older I got, the more I forgot about the GAP. :/ Sorry, but true.

Earlier this week I really wanted Chipotle (nothing new), so I headed over to the shopping center it was located in to pick some up.  I realized that it was only 10:45 a.m. and I felt a little lame ordering lunch that earlier so I parked and decided to pop in to the GAP.

When I walked in the store clerk informed me that everything on the sales racks are an additional 40% 0f the already marked sale price. I ran… I mean walked casually so they wouldn’t suspect anything… over to the massive sales rack.

Why do they put all the shirts on the tallest rack possible? My 5’0 feet tall body doesn’t understand, nor approve of this. Anyways, I was rummaging through my size when I came across a v-neck t-shirt marked down to $9.99. Then, I saw a jean button down shirt marked down to $20-something. This is a gold mine, especially if there’s an ADDITIONAL 40% to take off.

Although I really didn’t need shirts, I decided to get the cotton v-neck. You can never have too many t-shirts, right? When I got to the register, I was actually able to pay in cash it was so inexpensive. The grand total came out to a whopping $6.45!  WHAT. A. STEAL. I immediately asked the cashier how long this sale will last since I just HAD to tell you readers about it.

Cotton t-shirt from the GAP.

Cotton t-shirt from the GAP.

The sale goes thru Monday so get up off your booties and into the GAP!

I ended up wearing my new shirt to a dinner out with friends. Since it was a weekend night, I dressed it up a little with some jeweled earrings and cute healed sandals.

Earrings (Chloe + Isabel), Shirt (the GAP), Shorts (American Eagle), Shoes (Donald Pliner).

Earrings (Chloe + Isabel), Shirt (the GAP), Shorts (American Eagle), Shoes (Donald Pliner).

The sale thru Monday so get your booties up and into the GAP!

Happy Savings!


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