B is for Beaumont

This weekend flew by as we spent the past few days in BF’s old stomping grounds: Beaumont, TX. His brothers were in town from Dallas, so BF and his family decided to get together. Luna and I happened to tag along. (He can’t escape me… jk. Not really.)


Roadside view.

We left SA around 5 p.m. on a Friday (yikes!), but managed to only hit a few spots of traffic on our way out of town. The rest of the 4 1/2 hour road trip was smooth sailing with little excitement. Pulling into their driveway around 9:30 p.m., we were greeted by his mom, dad, and baby bro. His other brother was arriving a bit later.

Pit stop at Dairy Queen. Luna wanted to order a Blizzard.

Pit stop at Dairy Queen. Luna wanted to order a Blizzard.

The next day we spent lounging by the pool, playing games of competitive water volleyball, and napping before stuffing our faces at Carrabba’s. A productive and relaxing day in my book. Now, we’re back in good ‘ol SA, and kind of sad about it. I always enjoy visiting his family.


Luna and her “Fur”ther.


How I wish I could spend every day.

The three brothers.

The three brothers.

An attempt at totem pole?

An attempt at a totem pole?

Little Luna and I!

Little Luna and me!

They remind me a lot of my own which I’m glad I can say because I know many significant other’s tend to cringe at the idea of spending time with their partner’s family.


Luna’s overnight bag just happens to be a Corgi.


What is this? Green grass?! I don’t see much of that in SA. Maybe because I’m color-blind…


The end.

Thanks again for letting Luna and I visit you this weekend, L family.


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