Saturday Savings: Capitlize on Contests


Bath and Body set I won on the Mimi & Chichi blog.

Sorry I haven’t updated my “Saturday Savings” segment in a while. I’ve been out of town and haven’t done much shopping as of late (which is really the ultimate “savings” tip- don’t spend). This next tip is exciting and economical. Not only can my readers benefit from this tip, but my blogger friends can, too!

Blogs and other social media are great places to look for deals. Whether it’s for a gift card to a neat restaurant or a free jewelry, brands and bloggers do their best to draw attention to products by offering them for FREE through contests.

My Saturday Savings tip for you all: ENTER AS MANY CONTESTS AS YOU CAN! I’ve never been one to win contests- ever! But, I started entering them just for the heck of it when I began reading blogs. I’ve ended up winning two free nights at a hotel in Akumal, Mexico, a romantic date night with my boyfriend planned by Yes! Girl Events, a bath and body set, and a $50 restaurant gift card and bottle of wine.

Win-A-Date contest

Win-a-date Contest!

I’m not saying you’ll win every time you enter, but it’s worth a shot! Now, when I come across a blog running a contest, I enter 1) because I want the product, and 2) I want it for free. There’s one thing I’d like to clarify, though. Don’t enter contests you have no interest in. You are then making it harder for others who actually want to win, to win.

Call me cheap. Call me the Serial Contest-er. “Big hair, don’t care”, is what I have to say to that. So go out there and enter some social media contests, people! Help some bloggers out and win some awesome prizes.

Good luck and Happy Savings!


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