Monday Makings: Photo Wall Display


I figured this “Monday Makings” needed to be something other than food for once, so I did it. I finally completed my first DIY project since middle school history class where I had to put together a scrapbook about the San Antonio missions.

I had a bunch of photos in a multi-picture wall frame that had been sitting on my bedroom floor for a year (!) collecting dust since I hadn’t figured out a good place to hang it. The only empty wall space I have is too big for the little multi-frame. I needed something larger to take up the space. I decided to create my own picture frame/ art piece that way I’d be killing two birds with one stone.

I found this idea on Pinterest. Like most Pinterest projects, my photo wall display didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, nonetheless, it still looks good enough to hang. It serves it’s purpose well.

Here’s what I did:

1. Went to Hobby Lobby and spent way too much money. The frame was really the most expensive thing, but I bought some other tools for another craft project. When I got to the register I was quite surprised how quickly it all added up, but don’t let that deter you! This was a pretty inexpensive craft.


  • Picture frame. I got one without glass, but that’s just because the frame worked perfectly with my decor. If you find one with glass, just discard it. You won’t be needing it.
  • Screw in O-hooks
  • Burlap yarn. You can use wire, but I wanted more of a rustic look.
  • Wooden clothespins.
  • Your favorite photos!

2. I equally measured on the inside of the frame where each hook would good. Make sure you keep in mind how far down the pictures will hang. You don’t want them overlapping each other.

Also, I *manually* screwed in each one. I know… I didn’t have a screwdriver that worked with these types of screws. My fingers are raw…


Yes I clean. The dog hair is a normal thing in my house. That’s life with a Corgi. Don’t judge.


Secure tightly!

3. I slipped the burlap yarn through the hooks and secured with a knot.


Almost done.

4. Flip the frame around and hang your favorite photos on the yarn by a clothespin!


My very own photo collage frame.

5. You’re all done! All and all, this was a pretty simple project that won’t take you too long to make.

Did you make anything this weekend?



  1. How cute! You can get mini wooden clothespins at Hobby Lobby. They might look cute too in this frame.

    1. Yah I thought about that after I had bought the big ones… Now I have a whole pack. I figured I’d just use them haha

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