Spoiled Rotten Pet Care

946844_381671931951636_251335049_nFor those who are unaware of my obsession with animals, I’d like to admit to you- here and now- that I’m obsessed with animals. The longer I raise Luna, the more I realize that I love being around dogs. They are such amazing creatures!

When I first launched my Corgi ComPawdres page, I (awkwardly/courageously) reached out to a girl I had read about in an article in the local paper. The article was about her new pet-sitting business, Spoiled Rotten Pet Care. Attached to this article: a picture of her and her Corgi. Um, I just had to message her and let her know about my Corgi group and invite her to share her adorable pup pics with the masses. Duh.

Recently, Danielle, owner of SRPC, expressed her need to hire a part-time/occasional pet sitter to help during busy times of the year. Enter me: I’ll help!

That’s right. I’m now helping Danielle with pet-sitting when necessary! (So contact us if you need pet services).

The past two nights I stayed over at a client’s house with their three dogs. Funny enough, they are my best friends’ dogs and I was staying at my best friends’ place! Lucky me. While my BFFs are away on vacation, they hired Spoiled Rotten Pet Care to watch their pups, and Danielle kindly gave me my first gig with people and dogs I already felt comfortable with. Good plan, Danielle!

It’s been a nice bonding experience with their adorable little rugrats. Take a look!

Bathroom break. Taken by Danielle.

Bathroom break. Taken by Danielle.


Little Esme just chillin’ on the couch arm.


Oh hey, Zeus! He’s rockin’ that jersey.


“Bite-size” Frida!


The whole gang!

How adorable are their dogs?! I mean, come on!IMG_5631

Bathroom break. Taken by Danielle.

Check out Danielle’s website and Facebook page for more information about her services.


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