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The Chamber to Host a Three-Part ‘Disaster Preparedness Series’

(San Antonio, TX)- It’s inevitable. There will be a time when your business is affected by a natural or man-made tragedy. Do you know what to do to protect your business once disaster strikes? The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce presents Disaster Preparedness Series, a three-part morning conference at the Embassy Suites San Antonio […]

CBS Evening News Anchor to Keynote Chamber’s 2012 Economic Outlook Conference

Scott Pelley, one of the most experienced reporters in broadcast journalism, will be the keynote speaker for The Greater Chamber’s MacroSA: Economic Outlook Conference on Wednesday, September 12. “It’s rare that one person can capture the trust of millions of people, let alone every evening, but Pelley manages to do it with confidence and ease […]

The Chamber Partners with Texas’ Economic Development Office for the 2012 Small Business 101 Conference

(San Antonio, TX)—The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development have partnered this year to provide the 2012 Small Business 101 Conference, an intensive one day workshop on Tuesday, Aug. 7 at the Exposition Hall at the Freeman Coliseum. This event is designed to provide small business leaders with […]

Chamber President Visits Washington D.C. to Participate in Immigration Discussions

In the wake of President Obama’s recently proposed immigration policy, Chamber President and CEO Richard Perez, along with other civic leaders from around the country, met last week in Washington DC for a White House summit on immigration issues. “I was very honored and appreciative of the opportunity to go to D.C., and to ask […]

Airlines Discuss Easier Travel Plans To/From San Antonio at the Aerospace Luncheon Series

Everyone’s heads were in the clouds as a panel of airline representatives discussed plans to make air travel easier and more convenient between Mexico and San Antonio at the Aerospace Luncheon on June 11. Representatives from Aeromexico, InterJet and Viaaerbus chatted about how they have supported coming to San Antonio, and if they might be […]

Governor Rick Perry Gets Down to Business with Joe Pags

“The President ought to get up every day and thank God for Texas because the nation’s job creation numbers would really be tanking if it wasn’t for Texas,” joked Governor Rick Perry who sat down with 1200 News Radio WOAI personality Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo for The Chamber’s Conversation with the Governor luncheon on June 5. […]

Southern Manners Too Often Left Behind

When we think of the South, we think of cowboys, the word “y’all,” and good ole Southern manners. For example, men open doors for ladies and let them cut in line, and children are taught to say, “Yes ma’am” or, “Yes sir” instead of, “Yeah” to adults. Children are taught to keep their football allegiances true […]

Parents Know Best

Have your parents ever told you not to play ball in the house or that if you have nothing nice to say you shouldn’t say anything at all? Did you listen to their advice? Probably not, until the next time you played catch and you broke your mom’s favorite vase. Or the next time you […]

Romantic Comedies Paint an Unrealistic Picture

Girls and their chick flicks. Without these obnoxiously corny movies, how else would single women find hope for a potential lover? Will he whisk me off my feet and kiss me like Noah did to Allie in “The Notebook”? Will he stop my taxi on the Brooklyn Bridge, drag me out of the backseat, and […]

Guest Blogging Opportunity

I got the best compliment of my “blogging career” yesterday, and I’m really excited to share. I’ve been asked to guest blog for a lifestyle company based in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s called The Life for Less, and Tamiera, the founder, contacted me via twitter to invite me to write for her! I was super honored […]