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Confessions of an Online Dater

Despite what your adorable Southern mother might say about there being “plenty of fish in the sea,” we all know that the here in Dallas the dating “sea” is more like a lake. Online dating seems to be the way to go for many singles, and Lucy* is no exception. The petite 28-year-old dental student […]


Halloween Causes Big Spending Despite Economy

American families will spend an average of $300 this year on Halloween essentials despite the economic downturn according to the Savers Inc survey released last Wednesday. Halloween is the second largest grossing commercial holiday in the nation right behind Christmas, bringing in $5.8 billion to the economy in 2010 according to the National Research Foundation survey. […]

Teen Pregnancy In Dallas

A week had passed, and there was still no sign of it. She decided to pull out the instructions from the test she took the week before. She noticed, in the smallest font, at the bottom of the page a disclaimer stating that a second line, no matter how slight, can indicate a positive reading. […]

Taking an Initiative to Curb Cell Phone Use While Driving

Amanda Hernandez, a San Antonio resident describes the time when she ran into to the driver’s side of a car that pulled out right in front of her. “When the police got there they went to her car, then to my car and told me they said her cell phone was found in the car […]

Fuel City: A Piece of Country in Downtown Dallas

In 1998, a drive around town during one of his lunch breaks led John Benda to a patch of land and a big idea. Benda, a veteran of the convenience store business, was cruising along Industrial Boulevard in downtown Dallas when he came across a plot of property for sale at the intersection of Industrial […]

Dallas Mayoral Debate Live Blog for You+Dallas

April 25, 2011 Live blogging from the Gospel Lighthouse Church where mayoral candidates David Kunkle, Ron Natinsky, Edward Okpa and Mike Rawlings discuss how faith plays a role in public policy. Dallas Mayoral Debate

Leslie Bohl-Jones and Her Social Media Habits

Imagine being in a world without a cell phone, without the Internet, without Facebook; a world where journalists had to find the location of a source without the help of Google Maps or a vehicle navigation system. For Leslie Bohl Jones, News 4 WOAI anchor in San Antonio, this was how she learned to report. […]

Blood Drive For a Friend

Eighteen-year-old Makenna Loerwald discovered a lump in her chest in August of 2009. After many doctor appointments and several tests, doctors declared the lump as a cancerous tumor. “The tumor before the chemo started was destroying my second rib and pressing on my lung,” said Loerwald. The news was hard for her family and friends […]