This past Saturday I attendended a JuicePlus conference with my blogger friend (and former classmate), Natalie of That Foodie Girl. Natalie and her mom are both avid JuicePlus users and sellers of the product. For those of you unfamiliar with JuicePlus, it’s a whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 25 different fruits, […]

Late Post Alert. I’m well aware that the Fourth of July was more than a week ago (Was it really? Time flies..), but I’m just now getting around to sharing with you what I made for our family’s annual July 4th BBQ. I’m so proud of myself for making this! Every time I talk about […]

I use to shop at the GAP a lot when I was in high school. The older I got, the more I forgot about the GAP. Sorry, but true. Earlier this week I really wanted Chipotle (nothing new), so I headed over to the shopping center it was located in to pick some up.  I […]

I did it again. I couldn’t help but make ANOTHER orzo dish this past week. I’m glad I did because it sure was delicious. This time I went with something a little hardier: Creamy Orzo with Chicken. I adapted the original recipe from the blog, ‘Table for Two”. (Click the link for the list of ingredients.) […]

Don’t you just love technology? Especially when it can save you some mula! One of the great things about being from a family of all girls (sorry Dad :/) is that we get to share the latest fashion finds with one another. Shout-out to Older Sis for introducing me to this great app: Cartwheel by […]

BF and I joined a Sunday night Co-Ed Softball league this summer. Older Sis, Brother-in-Law, Twin and a few of our other friends are participating with us. < Check out our awesome jerseys. Don’t you just love the mustard yellow? And our name? “Where My Pitches At”! 

Welcome to a brand new month AND my second brand new weekly segment: Monday Makings. Each Monday I’ll be posting my attempts at making something whether it be recipes, DIY projects, or a difference in someone’s day.