I did it again. I couldn’t help but make ANOTHER orzo dish this past week. I’m glad I did because it sure was delicious. This time I went with something a little hardier: Creamy Orzo with Chicken. I adapted the original recipe from the blog, ‘Table for Two”. (Click the link for the list of ingredients.) […]

Don’t you just love technology? Especially when it can save you some mula! One of the great things about being from a family of all girls (sorry Dad :/) is that we get to share the latest fashion finds with one another. Shout-out to Older Sis for introducing me to this great app: Cartwheel by […]

BF and I joined a Sunday night Co-Ed Softball league this summer. Older Sis, Brother-in-Law, Twin and a few of our other friends are participating with us. < Check out our awesome jerseys. Don’t you just love the mustard yellow? And our name? “Where My Pitches At”! 

Welcome to a brand new month AND my second brand new weekly segment: Monday Makings. Each Monday I’ll be posting my attempts at making something whether it be recipes, DIY projects, or a difference in someone’s day.

I’d like to introduce you to “Saturday Savings”, my first weekly segment I decided to implement.  Since I’m a sucker for finding the latest deals, savings, and sales, I’d like to share what I find with you lovely readers. Saving money is one of my favorite things to do. Who doesn’t enjoy saving a little extra cash when […]

I was reading Women’s Health magazine this weekend when I came across a short blurb about still giving back to your community even if you don’t have the time to volunteer.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, Luna gave me quite the scare on my birthday. I’m not talking about a surprise gift, but rather a surprise TRIP… to the vet’s office. For the past few days Luna has had bad bathroom issues. She also vommed up twice while I was out of the house […]

Do I feel older? Kind of. Yesterday I turned the big 2-4 and it was a little bittersweet. Yes, 24 is a random age and not much really happens, yet it’s one step closer to turning 25 which is a big deal. Why? Because I’ll officially be a quarter of a century old and that’s […]

Last night I attended the San Antonio Zoo‘s Member’s Only Zootenial Birthday Party with my two sisters, brother-in-law, and my adorable 1-year-old nephew. I haven’t been to the zoo since I was in middle school so I jumped at the chance when my sister invited me. I apologize for the complete lack of photos, but […]

The weekend goes by way too quickly the older I get. I wish every day was a Sunday. Attitudes are laid back, new episodes of some of my favorite television shows air, and jewelry parties happen. This past Sunday I attended a Chloe + Isabel jewelry party at my sister’s house hosted by my lovely older […]