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Preaching Door to Door

Yesterday afternoon, something strange happened. I had just gotten out of the shower after a few hours of laying out in the sun and was settling down for a relaxing Sunday evening when I heard a knock at the door. It wasn’t just any kind of knock, though. It was a rhythmic knock as if […]


I haven’t had much to write about lately. I hate it when that happens. Writer’s block always hits me at inopportune times. I always feel like I leave y’all in the dust with no hope for tomorrow when you don’t have a post to open from Green Eggs and Sam! Ok, that’s a little dramatic. […]

What I’ve Been Up To

Friends, followers, fellow bloggers. (Like that alliteration?) Again, I apologize for my complete lack of posts lately. After taking on this other position, I’ve officially become a workaholic. I get home from Great Day SA only to open up my computer to start work for my other position.


I feel like I have completely neglected little Green Eggs and Sam lately, but for it’s all for a good cause! In case some don’t already know, I’ve been offered a chance to be the Social Media Manager for a lovely vintage accessories boutique called The Vintage Contessa. I’m responsible for blogging and managing all […]

“Slow Down” Saturdays

There is nothing better than sleeping in on a Saturday. Unfortunately, my “sleeping in” is waking up at 7 AM. It’s beats waking up at 6 AM on weekdays, though. I’m a routine gal and it definitely shows when the weekends roll around. I love weekend mornings because I actually have time to make myself […]

Happy Hump Day

It’s Wednesday and my energy is starting to wane. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely in need of a pick-me-up. 

Versatile Blogger Award

Just when I thought the most exciting part of my day was going to be eating my Skinny Cow Mocha Truffle ice cream pop, I was notified that SusartandFood nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I was a little shocked because at times I can’t understand how or why some people would want to […]

One Week Hiatus

I have some sad news. As you all know, Spring Break has begun for us school folks meaning I will be away from a computer for about a week. You are wondering, why the heck should we care?  Well I won’t be posting for one whole week, that’s why you should care! Just wanted to give […]

Guest Post is Up

The time has come, folks. No, I’m not leaving, but my guest post is up on The Life for Less website. The Life For Less is an online company that is dedicated to providing people with ways to have a fabulous life regardless of your financial situation. They are all about offering tips and suggestions […]

Guest Blogging Opportunity

I got the best compliment of my “blogging career” yesterday, and I’m really excited to share. I’ve been asked to guest blog for a lifestyle company based in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s called The Life for Less, and Tamiera, the founder, contacted me via twitter to invite me to write for her! I was super honored […]