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Crazy For Cars

I’ve never been one to care about cars. I think some cars are cool, while others aren’t, but that’s as far as my critique goes. However, BF is a different story. To say he likes cars would be discrediting his very existence. He LOVES cars! He’s the only man I know that can spout off […]


Beaumont and Pensacola Trip

Yay! I’m back. It feels great to finally be blogging again. I was suffering from a slight case of withdrawal. Thanks for being patient with the lack of postings over the past days. What an amazing vacation I had. Like all vacations, I’m sad it had to come to an end. Over the past ten […]

Romantic Comedies Paint an Unrealistic Picture

Girls and their chick flicks. Without these obnoxiously corny movies, how else would single women find hope for a potential lover? Will he whisk me off my feet and kiss me like Noah did to Allie in “The Notebook”? Will he stop my taxi on the Brooklyn Bridge, drag me out of the backseat, and […]

The Sports Coat: A Mall Adventure

Today I’m embarking on a serious quest. The quest requires patience and skill, determination and wit, all but one which I have. I’ve seriously considered the pros and cons and I’ve decided to take the risk because this is a dire situation.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Wont Break the Bank

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you know what that means? Men are scrambling around trying to plan the perfect date night with their lover! At least they should be. V-Day is usually associated with expensive candlelit dinners, red wine and roses (or maybe jewelry if your lucky), however, you don’t have to spend “boo-koos” […]

Ten Things Women Should Know About The Male Species

Since one of my posts last week was all about ten things guys should know about gals, I felt it was only fair to let women in on what men want them to know. Thanks to Cosmopolitan Magazine, I’d like to think that I know my fare share of men facts. However, life is a […]

Nothing On But the Radio

Photo courtesy of http://www.stockphotopro.com Good ol’ country music plays softly from my computer earphones as I type along on my computer.  The Eli Young Band serenades me with their hit “Always the Love Songs.” How appropriate, I think, since my topic consists of music and love. When you have a significant other (hopefully) they bring you joy […]