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Vote For Luna!

Hello one and all. A few weeks ago I entered precious Luna dear in the “Pet To Know” photo contest. The winner of the contest receives $500 worth of pet products from The Posh Puppy Boutique. Needless to say, we want to win!

Luna’s Half-Birthday

Today Luna hit the sixth month mark! Actually, we aren’t sure the¬†exact date of her birthday so we are guesstimating¬†it was about sixth months ago today that she entered this world. And thank God she did because she’s brought such joy….. and pain… to my life and hands and feet and toes and legs. I’ve […]


Dive On In

Attention: Corgi Update! I’m so excited to announce that Little Luna actually loves water! We should have known that she liked it when she stayed relatively calm the very first time we gave her a bath. No jumping out of the tub, no crying, just a soggy dog giving us adorable puppy-dog eyes. We’ve taken […]