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Spoiled Rotten Pet Care

For those who are unaware of my obsession with animals, I’d like to admit to you- here and now- that I’m obsessed with animals. The longer I raise Luna, the more I realize that I love being around dogs. They are such amazing creatures! When I first launched my Corgi ComPawdres page, I (awkwardly/courageously) reached […]


Where Did You Go, My Lovely?

To say I’ve slacked on writing would be the understatement of the season. It’s been over a month since my last post! What is wrong with me? This morning I’ve made a commitment to end the silence! I’ve got my coffee, my E! News, and my cozy pink blanket. I’m ready to transcribe…

Home At Last: Luna Is Back From Camp

After two whole years, I mean weeks (it seemed like years) without my Luna, she is finally home! Yesterday the trainer delivered her to my house, safe and sound. I was worried Luna would be mad at us for leaving her with a stranger for two weeks, or forgetful of BF and I, but when […]