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B is for Beaumont

This weekend flew by as we spent the past few days in BF’s old stomping grounds: Beaumont, TX. His brothers were in town from Dallas, so BF and his family decided to get together. Luna and I happened to tag along. (He can’t escape me… jk. Not really.) We left SA around 5 p.m. on a […]


Corgi Fest 2014

Last year I attended my first Corgi event – “Pawdi Gras 2013“. This year, Bluebonnet Bunk’n Biscuit hosted another all-Corgi gathering this past weekend and you know I had to go. Let me just say I had prepared for this event for a month so when Saturday rolled around, I had my “game gear” on. Exhibit […]

Home At Last: Luna Is Back From Camp

After two whole years, I mean weeks (it seemed like years) without my Luna, she is finally home! Yesterday the trainer delivered her to my house, safe and sound. I was worried Luna would be mad at us for leaving her with a stranger for two weeks, or forgetful of BF and I, but when […]

Little Luna Gets Her Diploma

Last Sunday Luna completed her puppy classes. After 6 weeks of training and practicing, Luna passed her puppy test and received her diploma. Yes, she got a diploma. To be honest, I wasn’t worried about Luna passing her test because Luna does anything for a treat, and she knew she’d be getting them if she followed […]

Luna’s Half-Birthday

Today Luna hit the sixth month mark! Actually, we aren’t sure the exact date of her birthday so we are guesstimating it was about sixth months ago today that she entered this world. And thank God she did because she’s brought such joy….. and pain… to my life and hands and feet and toes and legs. I’ve […]

Dive On In

Attention: Corgi Update! I’m so excited to announce that Little Luna actually loves water! We should have known that she liked it when she stayed relatively calm the very first time we gave her a bath. No jumping out of the tub, no crying, just a soggy dog giving us adorable puppy-dog eyes. We’ve taken […]

Oh What a Night!

Have you ever been so tired you just wanted to break down and cry because it seems like when you try to sleep the world yells “WAKE UP!” über loudly in your ear? Well, I had a similar situation last night, but instead of the world yelling at me, I had little Luna crying her […]

My New Obsession

It’s scary. If you look at my Internet history you’ll see that I’ve googled this term at least 100 times in the past few days (over 1,000 in the past few weeks I’m sure). My latest obsession isn’t too strange. It is nothing compared to the people on My Strange Addiction who have “relationships” with […]

I Think I’m In Love: The Ellie Story

Do you believe in love at first sight? You see that age-old question right there (^)? Ya, I just asked that. I’ve never been a believer of “love” at first sight. Maybe “lust” at first sight, but not really love. They do say that people make an impression on you within the first 3 seconds […]