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Little Luna Gets Her Diploma

Last Sunday Luna completed her puppy classes. After 6 weeks of training and practicing, Luna passed her puppy test and received her diploma. Yes, she got a┬ádiploma. To be honest, I wasn’t worried about Luna passing her test because Luna does anything for a treat, and she knew she’d be getting them if she followed […]

Dive On In

Attention: Corgi Update! I’m so excited to announce that Little Luna actually loves water! We should have known that she liked it when she stayed relatively calm the very first time we gave her a bath. No jumping out of the tub, no crying, just a soggy dog giving us adorable puppy-dog eyes. We’ve taken […]

Oh What a Night!

Have you ever been so tired you just wanted to break down and cry because it seems like when you try to sleep the world yells “WAKE UP!” ├╝ber loudly in your ear? Well, I had a similar situation last night, but instead of the world yelling at me, I had little Luna crying her […]