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Uncorked Texas: The New Kid On the Block

I love to blog, and hopefully by now that’s clear. I especially love hearing that my blogging has influenced others to start their own blogs. Case in point: BF! Now, he hasn’t admitted that he started his blog because of me, but I know I had to have inspired him 😉 Right…. right?!

Turkish Delight

Since my eating schedule has become rather random lately thanks to my internship, I tend to eat lunch later in the afternoon right about the time I start getting light-headed and my stomach feels like a giant hand is squeezing emptiness out of it (doubt that makes much sense, but just go with it). My […]

“Slow Down” Saturdays

There is nothing better than sleeping in on a Saturday. Unfortunately, my “sleeping in” is waking up at 7 AM. It’s beats waking up at 6 AM on weekdays, though. I’m a routine gal and it definitely shows when the weekends roll around. I love weekend mornings because I actually have time to make myself […]

We Are So Italian: Pasta-Making Saturday

Being Italian, you’d think we had already tried to do this, but no! It has all been talk until Saturday afternoon when my mom, sisters and I got together to make homemade spaghetti. With our aprons, recipe and ingredients ready to go, we embarked on a journey that many may find daunting, however, we persevered […]

Birthdays Are Meant to Last A Week

What a crazy weekend I had, and it mostly consisted of eating and drink wine. (I said it was crazy, I didn’t say it was bad.) Thursday night I attended my aunt’s surprise birthday party at El Jarro, one of her favorite Mexican restaurants. Every fried item that could be found on a Mexican menu, […]

Nutrition Tour Through HEB

Last Thursday the staff at The Greater Chamber took a guided tour through H.E.B grocery store as a part of their company wellness program. For their last lesson, the nutritionist that had worked with them for the past six weeks took them on a “guided tour” through the grocery store explaining certain foods that they […]

Beaumont and Pensacola Trip

Yay! I’m back. It feels great to finally be blogging again. I was suffering from a slight case of withdrawal. Thanks for being patient with the lack of postings over the past days. What an amazing vacation I had. Like all vacations, I’m sad it had to come to an end. Over the past ten […]

What You Need to Know About Cinco de Mayo

Aye, Aye, Aye! It’s holiday fun facts time once again on el blog. Our latest excuse to party: Cinco de Mayo. Like many of our other festive holidays, we adapted this special gem of a day from our Mexican neighbors. To be honest, that’s about all I know about Cinco de Mayo (hey, that rhymes) […]


For those who know (and for those who don’t), my twin sister and I started a food blog a few months ago called Twin Cookin’. Feel free to check it out for some amazing healthy recipes. We are all about quick-but-healthy options when it comes to cooking, especially after going to class all day where […]

Fat Tuesday. Stuff Your Face!

Today is “Fat Tuesday” ak.a Mardi Gras, meaning the last day before Lent starts on the Christian calendar. Fat Tuesday is meant as a last ditch attempt to gorge yourself before you have to “fast” for forty days and nights. In other words, stuff your face today because it’s the only socially appropriate time you […]