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Teen Commandments

We had a topic on Great Day SA Wednesday about the ‘Teen Commandments”, ten rules to live by when raising or living with a teenager. Reading through the commandments made me reminisce over my teen years. Some of the commandments, I thought, made sense now having looked back. Others didn’t really apply to me. But […]


Where Would You Go?

If you had a decade that you could re-live, which one would it be? I asked my Dad that question the other night and he responded by saying the ’60s. “We had a blast,” he said. Although I have only lived through 2 decades, I feel like the late ’50s would have been an awesome […]

Just Another Day in Paradise

Siblings are genetically inclined to argue. It’s a predetermined factor that is instantly triggered at birth. Whether it’s because one took the purple crayon before the other could use it or one spilled something on a dress they borrowed from the other’s closet, being upset with your family member is natural. I am one of […]