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Another Year, Another Age

Do I feel older? Kind of. Yesterday I turned the big 2-4 and it was a little bittersweet. Yes, 24 is a random age and not much really happens, yet it’s one step closer to turning 25 which is a big deal. Why? Because I’ll officially be a quarter of a century old and that’s […]

San Antonio Zoo-tennial Birthday

Last night I attended the San Antonio Zoo‘s Member’s Only Zootenial Birthday Party with my two sisters, brother-in-law, and my adorable 1-year-old nephew. I haven’t been to the zoo since I was in middle school so I jumped at the chance when my sister invited me. I apologize for the complete lack of photos, but […]

Luna’s Half-Birthday

Today Luna hit the sixth month mark! Actually, we aren’t sure the¬†exact date of her birthday so we are guesstimating¬†it was about sixth months ago today that she entered this world. And thank God she did because she’s brought such joy….. and pain… to my life and hands and feet and toes and legs. I’ve […]

Happy First Birthday

This month Samantha Cangelosi (the blog not the actual person) is celebrating her first birthday! She’s getting so old, I know :/.