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Twitter Contests Are Fun!

I never when anything when I enter contests. Never ever! However, I still enter them regardless of my unlucky streak. My best friend and her boyfriend won a diamond ring last year and ever since then, I’ve been inspired to enter all these random contests just for the heck of it. It couldn’t hurt, right? […]


Airlines Discuss Easier Travel Plans To/From San Antonio at the Aerospace Luncheon Series

Everyone’s heads were in the clouds as a panel of airline representatives discussed plans to make air travel easier and more convenient between Mexico and San Antonio at the Aerospace Luncheon on June 11. Representatives from Aeromexico, InterJet and Viaaerbus chatted about how they have supported coming to San Antonio, and if they might be […]

What You Need to Know About Cinco de Mayo

Aye, Aye, Aye! It’s holiday fun facts time once again on el blog. Our latest excuse to party: Cinco de Mayo. Like many of our other festive holidays, we adapted this special gem of a day from our Mexican neighbors. To be honest, that’s about all I know about Cinco de Mayo (hey, that rhymes) […]

Top Spring Break Vacation Spots

Get your towels ready. It’s about to go down! Spring Break ’12 is about to get started. It’s three days away and I literally cannot wait for a week long vacation away from classes. My family hates cold weather, therefore our lovely vacation will take place on a beautiful warm sandy beach in the Caribbean.