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Where the Cheaters Are

I was reading the latest issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine the other day when I came across a page with a map on it. I immediately spotted my hometown’s name as one of the 10 cities listed on the map. I always get excited when I see my hometown mentioned in something national, whether it be […]

Southern Manners Too Often Left Behind

When we think of the South, we think of cowboys, the word “y’all,” and good ole Southern manners. For example, men open doors for ladies and let them cut in line, and children are taught to say, “Yes ma’am” or, “Yes sir” instead of, “Yeah” to adults. Children are taught to keep their football allegiances true […]

Journalism: Was it a Waste of Time?

I would like to thank The Daily Beast for starting off my last day of Tuesday-Thursday classes (ever) with a bit of disturbing news. Apparently journalism has made the list for the top 13 Most Useless Majors students are graduating with this year. In fact, its number eight. I discovered this news while sitting in the Journalism […]

Let’s Talk Euthanasia

Warning: If anyone is squeamish about the topic of death, stop reading now.  I am in a Contemporary Morals Philosophy class where we discuss many of the moral issues of today such as the death penalty, abortion, and euthanasia. Today was the beginning of our discussion of euthanasia, and let me tell you, what a […]