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Twitter Contests Are Fun!

I never when anything when I enter contests. Never ever! However, I still enter them regardless of my unlucky streak. My best friend and her boyfriend won a diamond ring last year and ever since then, I’ve been inspired to enter all these random contests just for the heck of it. It couldn’t hurt, right? […]


“Slow Down” Saturdays

There is nothing better than sleeping in on a Saturday. Unfortunately, my “sleeping in” is waking up at 7 AM. It’s beats waking up at 6 AM on weekdays, though. I’m a routine gal and it definitely shows when the weekends roll around. I love weekend mornings because I actually have time to make myself […]

One Week Hiatus

I have some sad news. As you all know, Spring Break has begun for us school folks meaning I will be away from a computer for about a week. You are wondering, why the heck should we care?  Well I won’t be posting for one whole week, that’s why you should care! Just wanted to give […]

Top Spring Break Vacation Spots

Get your towels ready. It’s about to go down! Spring Break ’12 is about to get started. It’s three days away and I literally cannot wait for a week long vacation away from classes. My family hates cold weather, therefore our lovely vacation will take place on a beautiful warm sandy beach in the Caribbean.