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Preaching Door to Door

Yesterday afternoon, something strange happened. I had just gotten out of the shower after a few hours of laying out in the sun and was settling down for a relaxing Sunday evening when I heard a knock at the door. It wasn’t just any kind of knock, though. It was a rhythmic knock as if […]

Ghosts and Spirits: Do You Believe?

I’m going to admit a pretty embarrassing thing about me. I’m a huge Ghost Adventures fan. Although sometimes this show makes me laugh for all the wrong reasons, I can’t stop watching it. It’s my guilty pleasure on Saturday mornings. (I record it on Friday nights). This week the boys brought us a very touching […]

Fat Tuesday. Stuff Your Face!

Today is “Fat Tuesday” ak.a Mardi Gras, meaning the last day before Lent starts on the Christian calendar. Fat Tuesday is meant as a last ditch attempt to gorge yourself before you have to “fast” for forty days and nights. In other words, stuff your face today because it’s the only socially appropriate time you […]