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Baked Penne with Roasted Veggies

Last night I visited with my Nana. We decided to get together and drink wine and cook dinner. Needless to say, we had a great time catching up! Nana is a huge fan of Giada De Laurentiis and records her cooking show. The other day she watched as Giada made a vegetarian pasta dish: baked […]

My Favorite Reads: November Edition

It’s the season to curl up with some hot cocoa and a great novel. Am I right? Who cares if it’s still 76 degrees outside? Chocolate works in any kind of weather. I’m still reading Theodora of Constantinople by Elizabeth Elson (shout-out!). I wish I had more time to sit down and read it! I’ve […]

Southern Manners Too Often Left Behind

When we think of the South, we think of cowboys, the word “y’all,” and good ole Southern manners.¬†For example, men open doors for ladies and let them cut in line, and children are taught to say, “Yes ma’am” or, “Yes sir” instead of, “Yeah” to adults. Children are taught to keep their football allegiances true […]

Parents Know Best

Have your parents ever told you not to play ball in the house or that if you have nothing nice to say you shouldn’t say anything at all? Did you listen to their advice? Probably not, until the next time you played catch and you broke your mom’s favorite vase. Or the next time you […]

Romantic Comedies Paint an Unrealistic Picture

Girls and their chick flicks. Without these obnoxiously corny movies, how else would single women find hope for a potential lover? Will he whisk me off my feet and kiss me like Noah did to Allie in “The Notebook”? Will he stop my taxi on the Brooklyn Bridge, drag me out of the backseat, and […]


For those who know (and for those who don’t), my twin sister and I started a food blog a few months ago called Twin Cookin’. Feel free to check it out for some amazing healthy recipes. We are all about quick-but-healthy options when it comes to cooking, especially after going to class all day where […]

Happy First Birthday

This month Samantha Cangelosi (the blog not the actual person) is celebrating her first birthday! She’s getting so old, I know :/.

Models and Photoshopping

My older sister informed me of an article that she had read recently about photoshopping and supermodels. After the brief article it posed a question to its audience asking,”Do you think women would feel better about themselves if photos were not retouched, and we were able to see celebrities and models as their true undoctored […]

Bahamas, Mon!

What a great vacation. I’m so sad that it has come to end, yet like the say goings, all good things must come to an end.

Fat Tuesday. Stuff Your Face!

Today is “Fat Tuesday” ak.a Mardi Gras, meaning the last day before Lent starts on the Christian calendar. Fat Tuesday is meant as a last ditch attempt to gorge yourself before you have to “fast” for forty days and nights. In other words, stuff your face today because it’s the only socially appropriate time you […]