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B is for Beaumont

This weekend flew by as we spent the past few days in BF’s old stomping grounds: Beaumont, TX. His brothers were in town from Dallas, so BF and his family decided to get together. Luna and I happened to tag along. (He can’t escape me… jk. Not really.) We left SA around 5 p.m. on a […]

Fiesta Fun Facts

You know me and fun facts… Fiesta Fun Facts.

Gotta Get Away

Do you ever have this sudden urge just to pack up and go somewhere? Well I do almost every weekend. Last weekend my urge became a reality when BF and I traveled to Dallas for a quick trip. Despite the horrendous traffic on 1-35 pretty much the entire way, it was a great, relaxing mini […]

CBS Evening News Anchor to Keynote Chamber’s 2012 Economic Outlook Conference

Scott Pelley, one of the most experienced reporters in broadcast journalism, will be the keynote speaker for The Greater Chamber’s MacroSA: Economic Outlook Conference on Wednesday, September 12. “It’s rare that one person can capture the trust of millions of people, let alone every evening, but Pelley manages to do it with confidence and ease […]

Governor Rick Perry Gets Down to Business with Joe Pags

“The President ought to get up every day and thank God for Texas because the nation’s job creation numbers would really be tanking if it wasn’t for Texas,” joked Governor Rick Perry who sat down with 1200 News Radio WOAI personality Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo for The Chamber’s Conversation with the Governor luncheon on June 5. […]

Lake Time and a Glass of Wine

This weekend my friends from college and I headed to one of our friend’s lake house for a mini reunion. It’s been over two months since I’ve seen most of them and  I was so happy that we finally found a weekend that we could all meet up. It was the perfect time to go […]

‘Sway’ With Me

I always get excited when I hear of anything ‘Texas’: people, places, things… pretty much all nouns. When I found out about this new clothing line, I got super excited for two reasons. 1) It’s a Texas-based fashion line, and 2) one of the designers just so happens to be a close friend of my […]

Vote For the Greater Chamber in the Social Madness Challenge

Men and women, boys and girls! Pay attention. The challenge has begun and the race is on. The Social Madness Challenge is underway and we want everyone to help pitch in

Beaumont and Pensacola Trip

Yay! I’m back. It feels great to finally be blogging again. I was suffering from a slight case of withdrawal. Thanks for being patient with the lack of postings over the past days. What an amazing vacation I had. Like all vacations, I’m sad it had to come to an end. Over the past ten […]

Out For the Count

I’m headed to “Big Money” Texas tomorrow for BF’s graduation party and mini vacation before driving to Pensacola, Florida with him and his family for another mini vacation. BEACH HERE I COME!