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Southern Manners Too Often Left Behind

When we think of the South, we think of cowboys, the word “y’all,” and good ole Southern manners. For example, men open doors for ladies and let them cut in line, and children are taught to say, “Yes ma’am” or, “Yes sir” instead of, “Yeah” to adults. Children are taught to keep their football allegiances true […]

Parents Know Best

Have your parents ever told you not to play ball in the house or that if you have nothing nice to say you shouldn’t say anything at all? Did you listen to their advice? Probably not, until the next time you played catch and you broke your mom’s favorite vase. Or the next time you […]

Blood Drive For a Friend

Eighteen-year-old Makenna Loerwald discovered a lump in her chest in August of 2009. After many doctor appointments and several tests, doctors declared the lump as a cancerous tumor. “The tumor before the chemo started was destroying my second rib and pressing on my lung,” said Loerwald. The news was hard for her family and friends […]