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For those who know (and for those who don’t), my twin sister and I started a food blog a few months ago called Twin Cookin’. Feel free to check it out for some amazing healthy recipes. We are all about quick-but-healthy options when it comes to cooking, especially after going to class all day where […]

A Fabulous Weekend With Friends

As you all know, I traveled to Houston this weekend to visit one of my long time friends. We had such a great time visiting with one another. Although we are super busy and have trouble finding time to talk, seeing her never feels like we haven’t talked for a while. Day 1:¬†On Saturday night […]

11 Things Survey

I was reading my good friend Natalie’s, a.k.a That Foodie Girl, latest post about this “eleven things survey” challenge her friend had tagged her in when I realized, “Hey! She tagged me!” Thanks, Natalie! Here’s how it works: Rules: List 11 random things about myself Answer the 11 questions she asked me Come up with […]