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Twitter Contests Are Fun!

I never when anything when I enter contests. Never ever! However, I still enter them regardless of my unlucky streak. My best friend and her boyfriend won a diamond ring last year and ever since then, I’ve been inspired to enter all these random contests just for the heck of it. It couldn’t hurt, right? […]


I feel like I have completely neglected little Green Eggs and Sam lately, but for it’s all for a good cause! In case some don’t already know, I’ve been offered a chance to be the Social Media Manager for a lovely vintage accessories boutique called The Vintage Contessa. I’m responsible for blogging and managing all […]

Vote For the Greater Chamber in the Social Madness Challenge

Men and women, boys and girls! Pay attention. The challenge has begun and the race is on. The Social Madness Challenge is underway and we want everyone to help pitch in

Social Media Changing the Way Journalists Work

Social Media is the modern day “newspaper”. Thanks to sites like Twitter and Facebook, news can reach anyone any where in the world within seconds. “Before social media, interacting with readers was limited to including reporters’ phone numbers and e-mail addresses at the end of stories. Responding to people encourages good dialogue, and it is […]