One of My Favorite Things: August

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I don’t know about y’all, but once August rolls around I start to get excited. I get excited that fall is drawing closer. I get excited that one of my favorite holidays is but a few months away. And there’s one more thing that I love about this month: Back-to-school time!

If all my book-loving and Corgi obsession posts didn’t classify me as a nerd already, I know this one will seal the deal.

However, this year is different. I am no longer a student! Unless I finally decide to commit to going to graduate school, I am forever an adult now. Lunch boxes and recess are a thing of my past. I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or run away! Despite the fact that I no longer need to go to Target for all of my school supply needs, I still love the feeling that going back to school brings.

Seeing all the people in my class that I haven’t laid eyes on all summer was always fun to me. Some people came back 20 pounds lighter, some the opposite. Some people got braces, some got them taken off. Some grew 3 inches, or some stayed the same. Like me, for example, who hasn’t grown and inch since 8th grade. I’m five feet and three quarters, a.k.a the size of a 10 year old boy…

I loved seeing all the new backpacks people bought and getting my locker ready with matching magnet and mirror sets. Who remembers wrapping their textbooks in brown paper bags? I do. If we didn’t we’d get fined. Catholic school….

*Sigh* No more school for me, but BF is about to start graduate school! Let’s all wish him a good luck, shall we?

What is your favorite thing about August?

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  1. Hi Samantha: Like you, I always looked forward to returning to school. We got new clothes, new notebooks, new teachers, and I do remember wrapping books in brown bags. When very young my sisters and I played school a lot. The bad thing was that our beach days were over. Still, the season of holidays lurked in the wings. Loved your delightful post, and good luck to BF in grad school.

    1. Shopping for anything is always fun, but I loved school shopping. Strange? Perhaps! haha Thank you so much for stopping by, Joyce.

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