Over the Ocean and On to the Beach…

Photo courtesy of talknerdy2me.org

Vacations are all fun and games until packing needs to happen. You’d think that after traveling as many times as I have I’d be more of an expert packer, however, I feel the more I travel the bigger my suitcase gets.

Is it because I am getting older and I need more things? Kind of. I certainly tend to bring more options for outfits instead of deciding before hand which top will go with each bottom. My toiletry bag looks swollen with all of my moisturizers and make up removers that I now need on a daily basis.

Is it because I forget that the hotel has a lot of the stuff I use, therefore I pack them? Yep, like shampoo and conditioner, hair dryers and cotton balls, robes and slippers. I tend to pack these things because I, indeed, forget that hotels provide them for me. There goes another 5 pounds of precious baggage weight.

Photo courtesy of twitarded.blogspot.com

Packing is hard. Especially when shoes become involved. I never seem to take a reasonable amount of shoes with me. My theory is to bring a gold pair and a silver pair (and maybe a black pair) of each type of shoe. For example, a gold pair of high heels and a silver pair of high heels, etc. This way I feel like I have my bases covered. However, I end up with a massive lump in my suitcase made up of about 10 pairs of shoes. It makes sense when I’m packing, but after a few days on the trip I realize I will only be needing 2 of the 10 pairs I’ve brought. Frustrating.

For this upcoming vacation, I will be packing for 8 days and 8 nights. I am allowed 70 pounds for my first free bag. I repeat, this is for 8 days and 8 nights.

Challenge accepted.

Let the packing begin.


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