Lotto Craze

My non-winning lotto ticket.

I jumped on the bandwagon yesterday. I figured, why the heck not? It’s $640 million. I wanted a chance at the biggest jackpot in world history!

It all started when I was relaxing in my pedicure chair getting my legs massaged when I looked up and saw the lotto talk on CNN. I heard about the jackpot being massive the day before, but never thought to buy a ticket. I saw that the jackpot had reached $640 million and I turned to my sister and said, “Alright. We need to go buy one. What’s there to lose?”

Bing, Bam, Boom. We headed down to the convenience store to get one. Let me say that this is the first time her and I have ever bought a lotto ticket, so we had no clue how to ask for one.

My sis (S) approaches the counter and says very nicely, “I’d like to buy a lotto ticket.” The lady (L) who worked behind the counter just stared at her.

S: “Um, how much do they cost?”

L: “Ten dollars. Twenty dollars. It depends.”

Luckily, a police officer was in the line right next to us and speaks up telling us that each line of numbers costs a dollar and then turns to the lady and jokingly tells her not to tell us it’s ten dollars because we don’t have to pay that much if we don’t want that many lines.

Uh, Thank you cop. The lady was trying to cheat us out of money! How rude.

(S): “I’ll just take $5 worth of lines.”

After the lady handed sis the ticket she nods her head at me. I’m assuming she means to tell me to go ahead and tell her what I want. I let it slide.

I said as I pulled out my debit card, “I’ll have the same thing, please.”

She proceeds to shake her head at me. “No. Cash.”

Hello, did I mention it was my first time buying one of these. I didn’t know it was cash only. So, I reach in my wallet and pull out my only three dollars, mad that she’s embarrassing us in front of about 6 people waiting.

I hand my cash to the lady. She hands me the ticket and we leave.

“She was a b***h.” I said to sis. I don’t get why people have to demean others just because they are in a “position of power”. This isn’t the first time that older people have talked to me like I’m 15 years old because they think I’m unable to understand what’s going on.

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No, I do not take kindly to that. For the most part, I just suck it up and try to leave ASAP, but lately I’ve started to throw back a little attitude. To me, that’s not right. You work at a place where all you do is deal with customers. Have a little more courtesy towards them. Just because I look young doesn’t mean you’re not going to get your money. I am still paying the same amount that everyone else is.

Fast forward to 10 pm. I’ve got my ticket in hand. I’m at bf’s house and he doesn’t have a TV with cable so here I am searching on the internet to find these winning numbers. My friend texts me asking if I won.

“BF doesn’t have a TV with cable so I don’t know the numbers yet. What are they?”, I ask. He replies, “40, 2, MB 23. Those are all that I remember.”

The wind in my sails stops blowing. I already lost. Boo! Oh well. I’m going to bed. So off to dream world I went.

I wake up this morning to a Fox News and CNN alert on my phone saying winners were reported in Kansas, Illinois, and Maryland. Let me just say, “I hate you.”

Not really, but I’m super jealous of those people. If no one would have claimed a winning ticket from last night’s drawing, the jackpot would have increased to $975 million. That’s almost $1 billion!!!!! CRAZY!

I’ll probably never buy another lotto ticket because I doubt the pot will ever be this big again. I can see how people get addicted to it though because right when the numbers were being drawn I felt my heartbeat increasing and my thoughts went wild with what I’d do with all that money.

If only…


  1. scratch offs are fun, ive won like 300 dollars on one

    1. oh wow. that’s a ton for a scratch off

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